A. Carnevalli & Cia. Ltda.

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    A. Carnevalli & Cia. Ltda.

    Av. Guinle, 160-Cumbica


    +55 11 24133811

    The POLARIS blown film lines are designed to achieve the main following advantages: • High output with low energy consumption; • Great versatility in production of low, low and linear and high density polyethylene film (LDPE/LLDPE/HDPE); • Low maintenance cost due to updated and rational design; • Comprehensive variety of different sizes and outputs, components and accessories to meet different requirements and film specifications; Typical applications- 3 layer lines The lines are configured to meet different applications such as: • High clarity films for stand up pouches, twist wrap packaging, automatic packaging; • Lamination and coating films, converter grade films for printing; paper towel and tissue overwrapping; • Films for heavy-duty application suitable for FFS (Form & Fill, Seal-Film) systems such as heavy duty shipping sacks, plastic pellets, pet, animal food, chemical raw materials sacks; • Shrink and stretch films; • Films for promotional bags ,t-shirt bags, refuse bags; • Construction and agricultural films; • Smooth or texture geomembrane sheets. Typical applications: 5, 7and 9 layers lines Applications that require polyamide barrier materials such as Nylon and EVOH: • High-barrier films for milk, meat, fish and food packaging in general; • High barrier films for special packaging of chemical products such as detergent ,ink, varnish and others; • High barrier films for special packaging of biological and other Medicine products.



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